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About Me

Hello, I'm Gabriel Lester. I'm a young, aspiring professional magician. I'm currently a member of the Young Magicians Club (The Magic Circle's Youth Initiative). I enjoy magic - it is part of me. Some of my magic is quick short and snappy, however I prefer close up, table to table work. I perform at most occasions (Birthdays, Weddings and Concerts). I enjoy what I do and I hope that you will too!

My Work

I got into magic through playing cards with my grandparents.
I eventually learned how to shuffle cards properly and at the same time, start to pick up basic slight-of-hand moves. From there,
I moved on to basic tricks from YouTube, learning more from different tricks. I performed a lot to my family and as a birthday present,
I joined the Young Magicians Club.

So far, I have performed as my cousin's 13th birthday party, an 18th birthday party and two charity performances as well as showcasing my magic at The Crouch End Festival 2012. One of my proudest acheivements was performing for one of the members of the popular band One Direction, Liam Payne. That has currently recieved 70,000 views on YouTube and people have reacted very well to it.